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Blackstone Landscaping and Construction made its humble beginnings with nothing more than ten grand in personal savings, an ’88 Chevy pickup, and a single mower. We started out taking on lawn mowing and small landscaping jobs in the West Virginia sun, where we built a roster of the repeated customer and lasting relationships. We saw firsthand what promising customer satisfaction resulted in.

It was hard, but we kept at it. Before we knew it, Blackstone Landscaping and Construction began hiring more and more help, adding new equipment to the fleet and taking on bigger, more lucrative jobs. That old ’88 Chevy eventually retired, but we kept going!

Today, we’re still a small but close-knit team. We’re a family, or as we like to put it: a football team, but with a lot less physical contact. But despite the size of our team, Blackstone Landscaping and Construction takes on big projects that give us bigger rewards: complete customer satisfaction.

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Since expanding our services from lawn care and landscaping, we are proud to offer a complete set of turnkey solutions that makes an otherwise one-time customer a lifetime client. With every service we provide, we offer our expertise and experience in incorporating clean, orderly, and modern design elements with the help of top-of-the-line equipment.
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