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Almost every construction project, big or small, starts with excavation. It’s arguably one of the most important aspects of a job as it sets the groundwork for building a stable foundation that will keep your building project strong, durable, and lasting for a lifetime.

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Residential and Commercial Excavation

Whether building a new home, office, or shop, the first step to building is excavation. With a well-excavated pit, building contractors will have sufficient space to effectively build the foundation that will keep your home or building dry and standing strong.

Utility Connections

Many crucial services that provide convenience and comfort at work or home are often underground. With connections for water, sewer, oil, gas, electrical, and internet underground, our experienced excavator and equipment operators must carefully and safely locate the connections and excavate a narrow trench toward your home.

With Blackstone Landscape & Construction, LLC, we guarantee safe and efficient excavating and trenching to keep your project on time and on budget without disrupting the crucial services for your home.

Pool Installation

Blackstone Landscape & Construction, LLC is your turnkey solution for pool installations. From custom design and excavations to filling and final poolside details, we’ll cover all the bases to get you diving in in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Excavation is the process of digging and removing earth to prepare a site for landscaping. It’s necessary for tasks like foundation digging, grading, and creating retaining walls.

Excavation provides a level and stable base for various landscaping features, ensuring proper drainage and foundation support for hardscaping, pools, and other elements.